Death Valley Junction, with a population of fewer than four people, is a speck of a Mojave Desert community just east of Death Valley National Park in California. It’s extreme and welcoming, serene and unspoiled, expansive and rugged. The only competition for its inspiring sunrises are its sublime sunsets. It draws artists, writers and photographers; explorers looking to unplug and chill to deafening quiet; off the beaten path road trippers and National Park lovers.

At the intersection of heart and soul, the town is world-renowned for its Amargosa Opera House, made famous by the classically trained ballerina and artist Marta Becket. She staged shows here from the late 1960s until her last performance in 2012. The Junction is also locally renowned for its farm-to-table restaurant (open for breakfast and lunch during peak seasons), hotel and revolving performances and art shows.

DVJ is at the intersection of Highway 190 and 127, adjacent to the eastern entrance of Death Valley National Park, and a few miles from the Nevada border. Las Vegas is less than two hours away, due east.

In 2018, Death Valley National Park set an attendance record with 1,678,660 visitors, moving it into the Top 50 Most Popular National Parks. Because of the park’s popularity, Marta Becket’s legacy and the continued search by intrepid travels for “the middle of nowhere” Destination: Death Valley Junction was formed in 2019. The Destination provides helpful information on DVJ and the National Park, and things to see and do – whether you’re here online or there IRL.

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We know the buildings are not pretty or typically what a visitor might expect. But neither is this gem, captured by the oft-used phrase, “in the middle of nowhere.” Did you know that adobe buildings have a split personality? They are tough and stubborn structures with a delightfully delicate side. Restoring these buildings properly requires a great deal of resources – time, talent and funding. Restoration is critical for the Amargosa Opera House, Hotel and Cafe to preserve Marta’s work and delight our visitors – including you when you visit. We are pursuing many funding mechanisms, including direct support from passionate travelers like you.  

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Visit California, the number one tourism agency in the U.S. describes our home this way: The largest national park outside of Alaska, Death Valley is an almost unfathomable place. The park’s 3.3 million acres /1.34 million hectares encompass mountain-size sand dunes, below-sea-level salt flats, mysterious singing rocks and colorful sandstone canyons. … to the surprise to some, but not us, August was the most popular month.

where in the world is death valley junction, california?

From DVJ, head West/Northwest to:

Furnace Creek, Death Valley, CA (33 minutes)
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, CA (6.25 hours)
Yosemite Valley in the National Park, CA (8 hours)
San Francisco/SFO, CA (9.5 hours)

From DVJ, head South to:

Mojave National Preserve, CA (1.5 hours)
Joshua Tree National Park, CA (3.75 hours)
Palm Springs, CA (4.25 hours)
San Diego, CA (5.25 hours)
Los Angeles/LAX, CA (5.5 hours)

From DVJ, head East to:

Las Vegas/LAS, NV 1.75 hours)
St George, UT (3.25 hours)
Salt Lake City, UT (7.5 hours)
Sedona, AZ (4.75 hours)
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ (5.75 hours)
Phoenix, AZ (6.25 hours)