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This opera house preserves the classical arts in Death Valley

After the passing of owner Marta Becket, the show goes on at Amargosa Opera House and Hotel.


The Dancer in the Desert

Marta Becket was a classically trained ballerina who danced on Broadway and at Radio City Music Hall.


A Dancer’s Journey from Broadway to Death Valley

In 1967, a few miles from the California-Nevada border, a flat tire changed the trajectory of an artist’s career and life


New Life and Old Ghosts in Death Valley

The Amargosa Opera House is one of those strange places where you just can’t put your finger on what exactly makes it so odd.


Marta Becket’s Death Valley Arts Oasis

Her legendary story is not only the subject of the Emmy-winning documentary “Amargosa” (2000), but one that fans from across the globe have sought out here in the desert for years now.


marta becket

“Is it eccentric to love your work so much that you would go anywhere in the world to do it?” — New York Times

California Dreamers

A tribute to Marta Becket, Death Valley’s ghost town ballerina

“It makes you feel like you are part of something bigger. You feel old and young, and really small and really big.”

— Bobbi Fabian, General Manager

Amargosa, by director Todd Robinson

The Academy Award finalist for Best Documentary Feature and later an EMMY Award

Marta Becket, Dancer Who Built a Theater in the Desert, Dies at 92 [in 2017]

“I looked at the stage and knew it was my future. I knew I’d perform here the rest of my life.”


Marta Becket Of Amargosa Opera House Fame, Dies At 92

She was going to put on her own shows, the way she wanted to do it and when she wanted to do it.


Marta Becket: Still Dancing in the Middle of Nowhere

Attracting an audience in a ghost town surrounded by hundreds of miles of empty desert is no easy task, but Becket was undaunted.


take a deep dive into marta becket

Marta’s papers are at UCLA and her archives may be visited by appointment.

Marta’s Autobiography, To Dance On Sands, is available on Amazon.