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LA Times
Discover Hiking, Hot Springs and a Secret Foodie Haven Just Outside Death Valley

by Robert Earle Howells


By any drive-by or drive-through impression, Tecopa looks bleak. The small desert town on the stoop of Death Valley has a smattering of trailer homes, a couple of time-warp motels and some hot springs. Barren mountains form its backdrop. No gas stations. No stores….

How to Get to Death Valley Without Dying on the Way

by Betsy Malloy


Where is Death Valley? It’s on the eastern edge of California, along the Nevada border, in the Mojave Desert. Death Valley is a national park that covers more than 3,000 square miles…

Siskiyou Daily News
Spotlight: Eat Cake Opens Today

by Jessica Weston

If you are in the mood for a short trip ending with a poisonously sweet concoction, you may be in luck. Master Mystery Productions’ new production of “Eat Cake” opens in Death Valley today.

New York Times
Marta Becket, Dancer who Built a Theatre in the Desert, dies at 92

by Richard Sandomir

The floor was warped. Mud streaked the walls. Kangaroo rats were running wild. Yet it was there, amid the alkali flats, whistling winds and triple-digit heat of the Mojave Desert.

Nevada Appeal, Lahotan Valley News
Courtesy of the Nevada Commission on Tourism

by Rich Moreno

While luxurious places like Inn at Furnace Creek make a stay in Death Valley rather civilized, the area’s real attractions are more natural.

Channel 3 News, Las Vegas
Marta Becket, Dancer who Built a Theatre in the Desert, dies at 92

by Tom Hawley

Death Valley Junction began as a railroad town in 1907. But for more than five decades now, this dusty crossroads has been an unlikely spot for top quality dance, art and music.

Gypsy with a Day Job
A Las Vegas to Death Valley Day Trip

by F

Death Valley isn’t necessarily one of those National Parks that is high up on the travel list of most Americans, or travelers in the US.  But it really is…

Desert Oracle Radio
Episode #034: Death Valley (Junction) Days

by Jeremy Corbell

Listen to two weird trips to Death Valley: 1849 and 1949 in an all-new episode.

Legends of America
Death Valley Junction and the Haunted Amargosa Hotel

by Kathy Weiser

“Outside, in the world, people struck each other, yelled, honked horns. Inside, in the theater, they conversed by singing and dancing. I knew that was where I belonged.” — Marta Becket

Wall Street Journal
Finding Life in a Death Valley Getaway

by Andrew McCarthy

In winter, America’s most forbidding national park blooms with surprises. Here’s a traveler’s guide to uncovering its best.

5 Great Death Valley Ghost Towns

by Sandi Hemmerlein


When visiting the area known as “Death Valley,” you’d expect to encounter a ghost or two…

KCET TV Los Angeles
Amargosa Opera House: Marta Becket’s Death Valley Oasis

by Kim Stringfellow

Her legendary story is not only the subject of the Emmy-winning documentary “Amargosa” (2000), but one that fans from across the globe have sought out here in the desert for years now.

Dancer, Artist Enlivens Death Valley Junction

on All Things Considered

Forty-one years ago, dancer and painter Marta Becket took over a ramshackle meeting hall in the near-ghost town of Death Valley Junction, Calif…

New York Times
Death Valley Junction Journal; Ghost Town And Its Diva Hang On

by Charlie Leduff

Madam Marta Becket can be found on certain afternoons drifting about the adobe colonnades wearing a black boa, gold hoop earrings, soft shoes and blue eye shadow…

Last Adventurer
Road Trip Guide To Death Valley

On the Eastern border of California, and near the Western border of Nevada, is an area that is full of mystery, wilderness, and desert solitude. This area is Death Valley National Park.

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